Tips on Buying Golf Clubs For Beginners |

Tips on Buying Golf Clubs For Beginners

Starting to play golf is a bit different than starting any other sport. A golfer needs more than a ball and a pair of shoes to play. They need special shoes, special golf balls, and special clubs to even make it out onto the course. Luckily for beginners they don’t have to start off with a 14-club set.

As far as golf clubs go starting out with a driver, putter, and a sand wedge is an easy way to begin. Eventually adding a 6-iron, 8-iron, pitching wedge and a fairway or hybrid to the bag. Adding these clubs first will be a lot easier to learn they are the easier to hit and more forgiving golf clubs to choose from on the market. You don’t have to get the latest clubs on the market. As long as you invest in clubs that will allow you to develop your skills with minimal expense.

The more loft the club has the better it is for a beginner. That added loft produces better ball flight and reduces sidespin giving golfers straighter shots on their drives. A beginner’s driver should have at least 10.5 degrees. When searching for irons look for ones that have a wider sole, this makes less turf interaction (not sticking to the ground when you hit the ball). The more weight in the sole the slower the launch on shots will be. Generally more forgiving irons will feature a sole that has a wider width.

The right golf ball will also help alleviate some growing pains when beginning golf. A beginner’s golf ball should be a cheap one because chances are they will be lost easily. Buy a few different sets and find out, which one’s you like best and stick with those. When you find that your not loosing golf balls you can go up to a pricier model.

The putter is the most important club. Getting fitted is a great idea before a golfer makes the big purchase. You can choose from different designs such as mallet, blade, or perimeter weighted. Don’t let the design distract you; this is where golfers need to focus mentally the most. Depending on what design suites a player’s golf style is the best choice. This is not the club to skimp out on.

A sand wedge is also a good idea to start with in the golf bag. The sand wedge will be between 45-56 degrees. Like its name suggests it was designed to help players escape from bunkers or chip onto the green from shorter distances. Skilled golfers will carry more than one wedge in their bag but as a beginner it’s a good idea to just have the one.

The driver will be a bit harder for most golfers to hit. Starting at a driving range is a good place to start to help beginners get the hang of things. If a driver is too difficult to hit, it can be switched out with a fairway wood. A fairway wood has more forgiveness than a driver and will provide the distance needed on the fairway.

Golf is a sport or hobby you can pick up at age, you don’t have to drive the ball 300 yards in order to have fun. Remember that wherever you are on your golf journey don’t forget the basics and don’t be afraid to practice at the range or the putting green.