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Leupold GX-3i

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This product has been discontinued, but a newer version is available.

Leupold GX-3i²

$399.99 msrp $499.99

The Leupold GX-3i is the fastest, most accurate tournament legal rangefinder in golf.

Compact with an easy to use bright OLED screen display. The GX-3i offers all the fundamental Leupold rangefinding technology but with the added benefit of a bright red, easily viewable OLED display and added rangefinding distance.

Pinhunter technology is Leupold’s proprietary laser beam geometry that separates returned background readings from target readings to ensure you are getting the right reading to the right target.

Scan mode allows you to hold down the power button to gather multiple readings in one quick sweep.

As an added benefit on courses with prism technology, the GX-3i will beep and freeze the display the moment you scan a prism-topped flagstick, assuring you of an accurate pin reading.

Legal for use in tournament play, the GX-3i also feature prism lock and fog mode to provide you with accurate ranging within 6” making it the most accurate rangefinder in golf.

Rugged black nylon carry case included.

Brand new in a factory sealed box.

Conforms to USGA rules.

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Magification 6x
Range 800 Yards
Weight 7.8oz
Size 3.7"x2.9"x1.3"
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7 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Leupold Knows Rangefinders

The Leupold GX-3i is an excellent simple to use, compact unit. Recommended to me by a friend I bought this new GX-3i and so far I am extremely pleased. Light enough to carry around without noticing. Precision is the best word to describe it's accuracy. Extremely easy to find the pin and know exact yardages in seconds. I don't know how I golfed before this.

Reviewed on 02/24/2012
Perry Lisowski
54 out of 97 customers found this review helpful.
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Easy to use, you just pop in the battery and you are ready to go. I've even used the handy fog mode a couple times when I had an early morning tee time and it was still misty. I really like the compact size and case makes it easy bring on the course. Of course like all Leupold's it's quick and extremely accurate (more than my shots are). Would definitely recommend this rangefinder if you are looking for a new one.

Reviewed on 03/06/2012
Clark Bucks
45 out of 90 customers found this review helpful.
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What can I say; Leupold quality thru and thru.

I have been using this rangefinder now for about a week and I find it extremely fast, accurate, and easy to use. The unit is extremely well built, giving you a very satisfying feeling when held in your hand. The bright OLED red display makes target hunting easier than other lasers I have used. The unit in scan mode finds targets extremely fast. Even if you are a little shaky, you can still acquire targets effeciently due to the fast processing capabilities or the unit. My practice sessions on the range have become more effecient and my golf game has gained new confidence knowing the exact distance to the pin. With my GPS there always was a doubt exactly how far the pin was, now there is no question. I am extremelly satisfied with this purchase, and am looking forward to many years of dependable use. Well done again, Leupold.

Reviewed on 08/08/2012
Jerry Godec
Marquette, Michigan
41 out of 84 customers found this review helpful.
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Very Accurate and easy to use!

Just bought this product last week 06.16.12 and really like it. Within minutes it was ready to go and the brightness of the focus and ease of aiming was extraordinary. I highly recommend buying this product. It provides great visuals of targets which helped me shoot 4 strokes less off my normal score.

Reviewed on 06/22/2012
JD White
Lake Mary, FL
40 out of 83 customers found this review helpful.
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The best tournament legal range finder on the market.

I have looked at the Calloway and the Bushnell rangefinders. They both have very good products but after trying the Leupold I was sold. Originally bought the 4gx and loved it but unfortunately it was stolen. This time I bought the GX-3i. The main reason is so I can use it for tournaments. The Leupold product are very durable, compact and extremely accurate. Great job.

Reviewed on 09/02/2012
island 4some
38 out of 78 customers found this review helpful.
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A C C U R A T E and F A S T

I recently purchased the GX-1 model. After using it for 1 round, I returned it and bought the GX-3i. I wasn't impressed with the speed nor accuracy of the readings on the GX-1.

This unit (GX-3i) is GREAT. Bright red "target" in the viewfinder. Quick to register the distance and most important -- A C C U R A T E --

I've used the scan mode for "several" readings for the same shot e.g. to the bunker, water, mound etc. And of course I've used the pin for the others. This unit finds the flag and gives a reading very quickly. I've found my shots are now much better because I know the EXACT distance to the flag. Having used a GPS in the past, which gives front, middle, and back readings, I can strongly recommend the purchase of this particular rangefinder.

To date, I haven't used the prism seeker mode since my local course doesn't use that type flag-stick. I will be testing that function fairly soon as I will visit a course that has the prisms on their flags.

Reviewed on 12/08/2012
New Mexico
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After two purchases of other brands, having to load golf courses, inconsistancy, and frustration with accuracy, I finally found the very best rangefinder on the market, the Leupold GX-3i. It has made a huge difference in my game and my confidence in my club selection. No more second guessing. There is nothing negative to say about this product. You can trust very promise for quality and performance by the manufacturer. It is simply a dream to use. Also, I need to express my appreciation for the excellent experience with Golfclubs.com. It is refreshing to find a company with such a high standard of business practices. They work hard for their fine reputation for customer satisfaction, and it shows.

Reviewed on 02/27/2013
D Hendrick
Pinehurst NC
31 out of 57 customers found this review helpful.
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