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Leupold GX-1

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This product has been discontinued, but a newer version is available.

Leupold GX-1i

$299.99 msrp $375.00

The Leupold GX-1 Rangefinder features proprietary laser technology and precision optics for accurate line-of-sight measurements. With a rugged plastic body, the GX-1 is legal for use in tournament play and gives accurate pin distance measurements even at extended range. Rugged black nylon carry case included. Conforms to USGA rules.

Range 750 Yards
Weight 6.8oz
Size 4.0"x2.8"x1.5"
Magnification 6x
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4 Reviews

Customer Reviews



I haven't used a rangefinder before I purchased this one. If you want precise distance to the pin I would highly recommend this. It's a great size that fits easily in my bag.

Reviewed on 10/08/2010
Patrick Longo
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Perfect Rangefinder

Easy to store and carry onto the course. I like how compact and durable it is definitely what I was looking for in a good rangefinder. Of course it works great too, precise readouts of yardage and easy to read screen.

Reviewed on 07/14/2011
Nicolas Krabill
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Best Golf Purchase I've Made

Previously using a GPS app on my iPhone and it was much better than nothing. I bought this GPS 6 months ago and dropped 2 strokes off my handicap almost immediately. Knowing exactly how far it is to clear a front bunker, to the pin or to other reference points is a powerful tool. Really helps on par 5's. I used to go for them every time I had any chance of getting there. Now I lay up to 90 yards or so and am scoring much better. Only Rangefinder I have ever owned so can't compare brands. Picked this one because it is waterproof, a must for Louisiana. It'd worked great.

Reviewed on 11/01/2011
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Great Buy!

I got this for Christmas at a steal for 249.00. I have used all of the major brands and the Leupold is my favorite! The device is lightweight yet sturdy and is a great fit in my hand. The distances are dead on accurate and the laser lock feature with a quiet ding gives instant feedback that leaves little questioning to the exact number. My last two round had players with the Bushnell V2 in my group and by the end of the day they were asking for my yardage. I am a scratch golfer who is very thankful to no longer have to look for yardage markers on the course. I have played 3 rounds so far and I'll take the 69-69-71 I have put up with this device everyday. The only problem I'm going to have now is getting my playing partners to come out of their pockets. Thanks to golfclubs.com for the fast delivery as well. Will not hesitate to buy from you again!

Reviewed on 01/14/2013
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