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Garmin Approach G5 GPS

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This product has been discontinued, but a newer version is available.

Garmin Approach G6 GPS

$179.99 msrp $399.99

The Garmin Approach G5 is a rugged, waterproof, touchscreen golf GPS unit packed with over 19,500 preloaded US and Canadian golf course maps. Approach uses a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to measure individual shot distances and show the exact yardage to fairways, hazards and greens. The unit displays and updates your exact position as you move, so you’ll always know your yardage. There’s no subscription fees, and Approach is compliant with USGA rules.

Need to measure distances for your next shot? Touch any point on the sunlight-readable display, and Approach shows the precise distance to that exact spot — fairway, hazard, landing area, or the front, middle and back of the green. Getting on the green is also easy with Approach’s Green View. Just tap the flag on the map to zoom in on the green — then drag the flag to position it where you see it, giving you more accurate yardage. Approach can also double as a digital scorecard for your foursome and after the game, you can save and review scores on your computer at home.

Screen Size 1.5"W x 2.6"H
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Customer Reviews


Great GPS

This is my first golf gps and I love it. Extremely easy to use and I can't stress enough how helpful it was on the course. It found exactly where I was and the yardage to the pin instantly.

Reviewed on 02/07/2011
Darren Quin
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If you want dependable easy to use GPS... this is it.

I bought this to replace an older model golf gps system I had for the last four years. The biggest problem I had with the old one was the battery life. And the yardage changing as I was standing still. This unit is so far advanced from the old one, it's very easy to use. The first time I turned it on at the golf course it took a minute or two to get the satellites fixed. Since then it comes up when I turn the unit on. The yardage changes as I walk and don't change when I'm standing still. I have had no problems reading it in full sunlight with or without sunglasses. The scoring feature is fun to use and easy to add in the info. I'm very pleased with this and highly recommend it. FYI go to a battery store to get the correct batteries for this GPS. So far I have played 18 holes with it and the battery has not shown that it is going down. As far as goes I had a great experience. It actually came a day early and I had noproblems with ordering it. I recommend them.

Reviewed on 05/09/2011
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Great product for a great price (got additional sale price, no shipping and no tax from site I ordered from - and a $50 rebate)!

This is a great product and I am happy with the purchase. Setup is easy (a little cumbersome if you use Windows 7 64 bit, but was able to work around the issue). Nice features for stat tracking with shot measuring, averages for each club, greens hit, putts and fairways hit. Would like to have the ability to download those stat to my computer and store in excel format for reference. The only downfall I would like to see changed is to have a rechargable, non removable battery (like my auto garmin nuvi gps system). Not a fan of replacing batteries. But, I would definitely recommend this product to others.

Reviewed on 06/15/2011
Glendale, AZ
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Hard to read very weak display

The display is very poor . hard to see !!!

Reviewed on 08/19/2011
pittsburgh pa
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The Garmin G5 does what the manufacturers says that it will do. Only flaw is they say that batteries will last upto 15 hours. Initial experience shows that rayovac NiMH rechargable batteries last maximum 7 hours. So you get about one and half rounds of golf with each set of batteries which is a pain. Will use one more time before returning. If experience the same battery life then I will have to consider going to the G6 with rechargeable battery. I am concerned that the rechargable battery will not perform as advertised.

Reviewed on 08/30/2012
Bill Biddle
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The only thing I don't like is that it is not back lit. It is hard to see. The way it looks in the ad is not the way it looks on the fairways. What you see is a plastic cover that is removed to use. It never again looks this bright and clear.

Also, recently, I have gotten courses, but only get rudimentary info - like how long every hole is.

Reviewed on 07/03/2012
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The Garmin G5 is very easy to use and is very accurate as checked against laser range finders. Only complaint is battery life. Using Rechargable batteries I was able to get about one and half rounds before the unit shut down. All in all some very nice features as distance to sand traps. Be prepared to buy lots of batteries.

Reviewed on 08/26/2012
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