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Game Golf Digital Tracking System

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The Game Golf digital tracking system by Active Mind Technology takes your game to the next level by recording each shot, allowing you to analyze your post round stats just like a professional.

During your round, you’ll tag the club you are about to use with the Game Golf Digital Tracker before each shot. The Game Golf Digital Tracker records the club you used along with your course location.

Once your round is complete and you have uploaded your data using your computer, all of your on-course activity is viewable on the Game Golf website and/or and mobile device application.

With the Game Golf system, you are now able to share all of your rounds and stats with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

A unique feature of the Game Golf Digital Tracking System is that all parts of your game are recorded, calculated and displayed as trends over time.

A recent approval by the USGA now allows the Game Golf Digital Tracking System to be used during competitive rounds.

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In The Box

  • Game Golf Digital Tracker
  • 18 Club Tags
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch

Game Golf Tracking System Box Contents

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2 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Spend the time and this will be a very useful tool.

I settled on this device after many hours of research into technology that will assist me in improving the way I play this game. The concept behind being able to analyze your round shot by shot free of emotion is epic. It is like having your own personal coach point out areas for potential improvement.

I will start by saying that you should turn the device on when you arrive at the course to give it plenty of time to acquire your location. The first time using it I missed the first half of hole 1. Something that they don't market is how the process of using Game Golf creates a pre-shot routine. I have seen big improvement just from having some consistency in my pre-shot routine.

I think the most important thing to note is that it is not a magical fix for you game without dedicating some time to analyze the information. It allows you to see in depth the key points for improvement. I have been able to optimize my limited practice time and has resulted in astounding improvement. I have gone from a 23 handicap to a 17 in a little over a month. It made me realize right away that it wasn't so much my swing but the decisions I was making for my skill level.

I feel very strongly that this will change for the better the way you play golf. I feel more confident and enjoy the game far more now. I look forward to playing more and to continue to improve.

Reviewed on 06/05/2014
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Cool Idea, Well executed

I had to do some research on this thing before I was sure what exactly it did. I was glad that I did, however. Some of the Pros with the device are that it is really pretty simple to use once you set it up. Your first round with it may take a little longer than normal, but by the end of the round, I was used to it and was able to play at my normal pace. After the round it will show you what types of shots you hit and with what club, allowing you to analyze your game from an objective view point rather than being caught up in the emotion of the round. Though it takes a few minutes to upload, I assume that's just because it's a new product. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take a real look at where they're losing strokes on the course. I'm not big on the social media part of it, but you can ignore that if you want to. I would actually like some of my friends to get this, so we could compare our rounds. My friends were definitely intrigued by it and all asked to borrow it for their next round. The bottom line is that this is a really cool training device that takes a few minutes to get used to

Reviewed on 06/02/2014
Tommy L.
Blacksburg, Virginia
70 out of 90 customers found this review helpful.
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