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Nike VR S Covert 2.0 Forged Iron Set Steel

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The Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 Forged irons are the result of a combination of materials, giving better players an iron that has improved feel, and delivers fast ball speeds.

The heads of the VR_S Covert 2.0 Forged irons are made using a S20c carbon steel body and the face is the Nike NexCOR design which is made from SAE 8655 steel.

For improved turf interaction, the VR_S Covert 2.0 Forged irons have a progressive sole design for a clean address profile, and the High-Frequency X3X grooves provide shot consistency and spin control.

The VR_S Covert 2.0 Forged irons come with the Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH steel shaft (R-Flex 94.5g, S-Flex 98g) and the Nike Tour Wrap 2G - Red grip.

Available in Right Hand Only

The Loft Specifications for the VR_S Covert 2.0 Forged 4 Iron through PW+AW 8 club set are:

  • 22º 4-Iron
  • 25º 5-Iron
  • 28º 6-Iron
  • 31º 7-Iron
  • 35º 8-Iron
  • 40º 9-Iron
  • 45º PW
  • 51º AW
Set 4 Iron through PW+AW
Grip Nike Tour Wrap 2G - Red, 48g
Shaft Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH
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Get fitted and then buy online

So I went to Dicks and was fitted for a set of irons. They took my specifics and measurements and gave me a few different 7 irons to try. The covert was the closest thing to what I was playing before and so I immediately liked the weight and feel. They actually look less bulky from the top than some of the other options I tried, which I also liked. They go higher and a bit further than my last set, which is what I was looking for and so after trying them out I went online and found the best price. The free shipping made a huge difference. Hope this helps someone out.

Reviewed on 02/27/2014
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