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Nike Engage Wedge

Engage Wedge - Square Sole
Engage Wedge - Dual Sole
Engage Wedge - Toe Sweep
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The Engage Wedge from Nike features modern muscle geometry which centralizes the center of gravity and promotes consistent turf interaction from any lie.

  • The Tour Garnet Blast face is 400% rougher than a normal wedge design, which means that you are able to generate more spin on less than full shots. The machined X3X grooves deliver maximum USGA legal spin on every shot.

  • The Tour-authentic, non-chrome raw finish cuts glare and increases surface roughness to improve control. Engage wedges are designed to rust over time, which will further enhance spin and control.

  • The Square Sole is designed to be played primarily with a squared up club face and is ideal for golfers who want some extra spin from shots with clean lies.

  • The Toe Sweep grind is ideal from the rough or from the bunker and is versatile enough to be used from tight lies around the fairway and green as well.

  • The wide toe and narrow heel allow the club to be laid open at address and stay open even through heavier rough.

  • The Dual Sole offers two distinct soles from which to play and is one of the most versatile wedges on tour; used by both Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

Rustic, and quickly rusty—all models have a raw finish, which makes for a prototype sort of vibe; all three styles have a longish blade and a rounded leading edge; the distinctive sole grinds and rear give them a futuristic edge. These clubs are designed to rust, which adds a unique look and added spin

Lie Angle 64.0°
Grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet - Black
Swing Weight D6
Shaft True Temper Dynamic Gold
Length 54°-56° - 35.5", 58°-60° - 35.25"
MSRP $119.99