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Happy Putter

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The Happy Putter is the completely adjustable putter—and we do mean completely—in four possible ways. Now you can tailor your putter to your putting stroke, and match your putter to the putting conditions.

Putting accuracy is dependent on a number of factors—picking the right line and speed for the putt is important for sure, but equally important is making sure the putter is in the correct position at impact.

This is where loft, lie angle, offset position, face impact location, weight distribution, and even course conditions (speed of the greens, different types of grass) all come into play.

The Happy Putter allows you to adjust the putter to compensate for the tendencies that may be causing you to miss putts. And for the first time, you can “dial in” your putter to match green conditions on any given day.

Additional Features Include:

  • Three loft positions: Low (1°), Standard (3.5°), and High (6°)

  • Three lie positions: Flat (68°), Standard (71°), and Up (74°)

  • Three offset positions: Zero Shaft, Half Shaft, and Full Shaft

  • Nine weights included: Light (3g), Standard (9g), and Heavy (15g)

  • Length: 35” with markings at 34” (yellow) and 33” (white) on each grip

  • Materials: CNC machined aluminum face and body, CNC machined stainless steel, aluminum and tungsten adjustment components

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