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Adams Speedline Plus Iron Set Steel

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The Adams Speedline Plus Iron Set offers an easy to hit cavity back head shape with steel uniflex shafts.

The Speedline Plus irons have a low center of gravity to help you launch the ball higher, and the cavity back shape has heel/toe weighting to promote stability.

8 club set includes the 4 Iron through PW+GW, with Uniflex steel shafts.

Set 4 Iron through PW+GW
Shaft Steel Shaft, Uniflex
MSRP $249.99 

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Customer Reviews


Speedline Plus Irons

I have always played "player's" irons and this is my 1st try at a game improvement club. My clubs have always had a thin top line, narrow sole and little or no offset. These are a change in that appearance.

Generally I am satisfied with the performance of the Speedline + irons. I hit the ball higher and probably a little farther than with my forged blade/semi cavity pro style irons. However, it took a while to get used to the offset. I pulled most shots at first, and in trying to hit it straight will occasionally over compensate and hit it right. The wide soles are both a boon and a burden. The definitely prevent digging in and certainly help get the ball up. On the other hand, they are a little harder to hit off tight lies and don't allow much for low punch shots or shots into the wind.

I also found that these irons have both advantages and disadvantages out of sand. From fairway bunkers, the wide rounded sole almost makes it like cheating in getting out. On the other hand, if a player uses the gap or pitching wedge from buried lies in greenside bunkers, these clubs don't help because they tend to bounce off the sand on that type of shot rather than digging in.

I bought these clubs because the price was very reasonable and I wanted to try a game improvement club. I'm a senior player (4 hcp) who can't hit it as high or as far as I once did, and these give me back much of what I lost.

I am pleased with the quality and performance of the club, but I'm still getting used to the look. I can absolutely affirm they are easier to hit than my other clubs, but allow for less versatility. That very feature means that although I may not hook or fade the ball as easily, neither do I have the unintentional big hook or slice (which I suppose is the entire goal of game improvement clubs). On the whole, I'd recommend these to average and (like me) senior players.

Reviewed on 09/01/2014
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Great Iron Set

Fantastic clubs, picked up some yards and replaced some but needed irons that have been in my bag for years. Best part is the price on these. Your definitely getting a deal on these irons. Adams may not be known as an iron manufacturer but these do the trick.

Reviewed on 08/07/2014
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