Beginner's Guide To Buying Golf Clubs |

Beginner's Guide To Buying Golf Clubs

Golf is one of those unique sports where you need more than just a ball and a pair of sneakers in order to begin playing. A golfer needs special clubs, shoes, and golf balls just to make it out onto the course. Those are a few of the fundamental pieces of equipment, which you need to have to start your golf game. Whether you plan on just picking this up as a casual hobby or planning on becoming the next Tiger Woods, you have to start somewhere.

Golf Clubs: If you have already casually played a few games of golf and know this is something you want to pick up an easy way to get yourself started is by buying a full set of clubs. The full set will generally come with everything you need as far as clubs go and a golf bag. However, if your just starting out and want to take it slower you can select a few of the most important clubs and buy the right ones that fit with your golf style. Golfers can have up to 14 clubs in your bag but you don’t need that many to begin with. The most basic clubs you need in your bag to begin are a driver, putter and a sand wedge. Eventually adding irons, pitching wedge and a fairway or hybrid.

To better understand each club lets take a look at the fundamental elements of each.

Driver: A driver is one of the first clubs most golfers pull out of their bag. These clubs are made for distance. To choose the right club you need to know the right club head, shaft, loft, weight, and length. Also what type of material you want it made out of either graphite or steel. Most beginners will go with the steel option because it is cheaper and the advantages of graphite are really for a more advanced player. The flex should be on the softer side enough to learn how to swing correctly and release.

Fairway Woods: This is the club golfers need for precision on the green. They are the club that will give the golfers the most distance. The fairway combines a higher loft with a low center of gravity making it easier to get the ball high in the air for more distance.

Irons: Irons are numbered 2 through 9. These are the clubs that will shape your shots and control the accuracy. How iron sets differ from each other is generally due to the manufacturing process, the material used on the shaft, and the design. Irons are made by 2 different processes either forged or cast and made from graphite or steel. Some irons are made in the game improvement category, which is ideal for beginners allowing them to have consistent shots.

Hybrids: These were developed out a need for a cross between a wood and an iron. It combines the advantages of an irons and the forgiveness of the wood. They generally replace the long irons 2-5. A hybrid club is perfect for hitting the ball long distances with an accurate shot.

Wedges: This is the specialty club in the bag they are used for important challenging short shots onto the green. They are specially designed for certain situations and most golfers will carry about 4 different wedges in their bag. You can choose between the pitching, sand, gap, and lob wedge. What is important to remember about this club is to know type of loft and shape you want. A beginner should start out with a sand wedge because even thought it’s name suggests it’s only used around the sand bunkers it has the most versatile loft.

Putters: This is the most personal club in a golfers bag. It should be chosen with great care and consideration. Golfers will generally choose this club based on the style, weight, and technical advances of the putter. Different styles of putters range from the traditional blade to mallet, perimeter weighted, insert and offset designs. The right putter for a beginner is most often a mallet style but be sure to try out the different styles to see if one works better for you. Some putters are also made with alignment aids designed to help you line up your putts.

Golf Bag: A golf bag should be chosen based on your needs and what you want out of your game. Some golfers choose to golf for the exercise in this case they will most likely want a carry bag that comes with an extremely comfortable strap. If you are more of a cart player then find a sturdy bag that has easily accessible pockets.

Golf Balls: As a beginner the cheaper the ball the better. As a novice you will most likely be loosing a lot of these.

Golf Shoes: Let’s be honest the comfier the better. After walking around for 18 holes you will want a comfortable shoe. Buy a good pair of shoes that are sturdy and will hold up well in any weather.

Golf Glove: This is an item that can be purchased later if you need to. Essentially a glove will give you a better grip on the club and allow you better control.

Golf Tees: These are generally a dime a dozen but it’s always good pocket full of these on the course.