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Bridgestone B330 Series Golf Balls

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The Bridgestone B330 Series golf balls are designed for better players with swing speeds over 105 MPH who need more feel and spin, while still maintaining superior distance.

The B330 is a 4-piece ball using the new Hydro Core and 82 compression which produces low to mid spin off the driver. Bridgestone has designed the B330 to be low launching with a flat trajectory.

The B330-S is a 4-Piece ball with the new Hydro Core and 75 compression giving players mid to high spin off the driver as well as increased spin around the green. Bridgestone has designed the B330-S to deliver a mid to high launch angle.

Bridgestone B330 Series Golf Balls are Made is the USA

B330-S Compression 75
Cover Material Urethane
B330 Compression 82
Dimples 330
Construction 4-piece
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the best performance for me

I did a bridgestone ball fitting earlier this year at my local course, and the recommendation came back for the Bridgestone B330 series golf balls. I have a high swing speed and regularly average over 300 yards with my new bridgestone golf ball and driver combination.

Reviewed on 10/23/2014
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