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Clicgear Golf Push Carts

Clicgear has continuously been a market leader in the industry of compact folding Push Golf Carts. Their high quality and innovative designs, offers something different to golfers looking for compact push golf carts.

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$229.99   msrp $249.99   save 8%

Clicgear 3.5+ Push Golf Cart...The best golf push cart just got even better! Folds into a small size for easy storage or to fit a small car trunk. Airless tires never go flat.

$269.99   msrp $299.99   save 10%

The Clicgear 8.0 Push Cart is the most advanced four wheel golf cart featuring patented 4XFOLD technology allowing all four wheels to fold, giving users a compact folded size.

$179.99   msrp $199.99   save 10%

All new Rovic RV1C Cart is a compact three wheel push cart with the quality, construction and durability you have come to expect from Clicgear.

$179.99   msrp $199.99   save 10%

The new Rovic RV3F by Clicgear is the affordable full feature Cart that you have been waiting for. The RV3F is the first Cart by Clicgear designed to fold while your golf bag is still attached.

$39.99   msrp $49.99   save 20%

Add some comfort to your Clic cart with the Clicgear Umbrella. A full 68" double canopy with UV coating to keep you dry in the rain or cool under the hot sun.

$27.99   msrp $29.99   save 6%

Adjustable Angle Umbrella holder allows golfers to adjust the angle of the umbrella front to back or side to side.

$49.99   msrp $59.99   save 16%

Add some comfort to your cart with the Clicgear Seat. Allows you to sit down anyplace on the golf course on those days where things are slow or you just need to relax.

$12.99   msrp $14.99   save 13%

Add some creature comforts to your ClicGear cart. Choose from either a convenient shoe brush to help keep you shoes clean or a GPS holder that mounts to the handle.

$7.99   msrp $12.99   save 38%

Instant $2 Savings, was $9.99, NOW $7.99 - Our Lowest Price Ever, Limited Time Only! No Further Discounts ApplyThe Clicgear Towel is designed to snap right on to the towel clips on your Clicgear cart.

$199.99   msrp $249.99   save 20% plus FREE shipping

The Clicgear B3-2 2013 is the second generation Cart Bag specifically designed to integrate with all Clicgear Cart models, and provide the ultimate in storage and club organization.

$39.99   msrp $49.99   save 20%

Bring along some cool beverages while you walk you favorite course. Insulated and waterproof design that fit's perfectly on all Clic Gear cart models..

$27.99   msrp $50.99   save 45%

Save $23 off of original MSRP! New wheels can dress up your ClicGear Cart Model 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 cart. Easy to install, maintenance free design, solid foam core tires, press fit sealed ball bearings, engineered high strength rim, course friendly wide tread.

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$12.99   msrp $18.99   save 31%

Nylon elastic fits over wheels for storage. Great for keeping the back of your vehicle clean or off-season storage.

$7.99   msrp $14.99   save 46%

Instant $2 Savings, was $9.99, NOW $7.99 - Our Lowest Price Ever, Limited Time Only! No Further Discounts Apply This space saving Storage Hook allows you to hang your Clicgear Cart in your garage, closet or your club's bag room wall. Attaches to wall stud with provided screws.

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$17.99   msrp $19.99   save 10%

Add some creature comforts to your Clicgear cart. Choose from either a convenient valuables/rangefinder bag or an insulated waterproof beverage holder.

$17.99   msrp $19.99   save 10%

Limited Time Only, Price Drop on Selected Style Rain Bag Cover was $27.99, Now $17.99! Protect your clubs from rain with this rain cover. Choose from the Rain Hood that covers the top of the golf bag or the Rain Bag Cover that extends over the complete golf bag.

$19.99   msrp $29.99   save 33%

Clicgear Cart Mitts add some warmth and comfort for your hands when playing in cooler conditions. Oversized size fits all hand sizes and attach to the cart handle so they don't get wet or soiled.

Sorted By: Popularity High to Low | Price | Name
1-17 of 17 Results